Senior Pastors Kurt and Jackie Pughsley

Pastor Kurt Pughsley founded Out For Life Prison Ministries, as God called him to go out and reach the lives of those imprisoned in their minds, and behind the bars of jails and prisons.  Bible Studies have been set up to teach men and women the Word of God. This challenged the people to renew their minds and dedicate themselves to a new life outside the prisons and even from their own minds.
 Several years following, God ordained Kurt Pughsley as Pastor. In Pastor Kurt Pughsley’s obedience, God orchestrated the next level of birthing Out For Life “Life” Ministries. The church was built on the same principals, and foundations as the Prison Ministry, but on a much greater level. Out For Life “Life” Ministries DARES YOU TO CHANGE by the renewing of your mind, through the Word of God. And now we are now reaching out to the surrounding communities and daring them to change as well!
It is Pastor Kurt’s desire, passion and mandate to not only restore men and women back into society with a freed mind, but also to restore them to Christ by bridging the gap. He is accomplishing that by inviting them to the wedding of Christ and His body.
Wives come along side their husbands as a “help-meet” to their husband’s call into the Kingdom of God. As a “help-meet”, Pastor Jackie Pughsley is the co-founder of Out For Life “Life” Ministries. She comes along side her husband, Pastor Kurt Pughsley to help assist him to fulfill the mandate and the call of God on his life
 Pastor Jackie Pughsley share the same passions, and desires for seeing the people changed by the renewing of their minds as do her husband. She also faithfully commits herself to going into the jails weekly to minister the “Good News” of the Gospel to the incarcerated women.  Pastor Jackie mentors and counsels the women on how to become true “Proverbs 31” women and at the same time demonstrates this through her lifestyle and love walk with God.