Out For Life Ministries  is a church that has been called and ordained by God, to dare people to change by the renewing of their minds, through the word of God. This challenge develops the greatness within men and women, and what a reward it is when people realize greatness within themselves!

Pastors Kurt and Jackie Pughsley have been called to reach the lives of men and women who feel they have no where else to go because they have been hurt soo many times by the world.  We encourage all of our people to be the very BEST they can be, and to treat people with love and respect no matter who they are.  We are ALL God’s people formed in His image and likeness and as such we should be treated with respect.  We are shinning our light BRIGHT for all to see.  We might be a small church but we serve a BIG GOD!  So I encourage you today to stop by for a visit.  Allow us to show you God’s love.  Allow God into your heart.  Allow your spirit to be awakened.  Are you willing to give Out For Life Ministries a try? 

We DARE you to Change