Out For Life “Life” Ministries is a church that has been called and ordained by God, to dare people to change by the renewing of their minds, through the word of God. This challenge develops the greatness within men and women, and oh what a reward it is when they realize greatness within themselves!

Pastors Kurt and Jackie Pughsley have been called to reach the lives of men and women who had been incarcerated in jails and prisons to not only renew their minds, but also adjust themselves back into the community and back into society as responsible and productive citizens.

The goal of Out for Life “Life’ Ministries is to provide quality, safe, and sober environmental shelters we call “Restoration Homes”. We provide them with spiritual care, counseling, and resources that will help them get a fresh new start. Restoring them back into society is established also be providing a comfortable atmosphere that teaches behavior modification skills, discipline, high moral standards, and a healthy self-esteem environment.